Do More Using Our Digital Solutions

Captivating displays, countless possibilities, quicker results.

Control your content easily using a web-based system and easily adjust messaging, menu items, promos and pricing across various locations simultaneously. This integrates your social media pages, mobile marketing, POS systems and more. Make life easier by automating updates on your content customized based on demographics, time and day. Realize how your message has never been this powerful and clear plus cut off on costs from labour, shipping and traditional shipping.

Engage your audience.
Inform open minded customers with entertaining high-pitched marketing.

Design vibrant graphics, sharp images crisp in colour and a charismatic copy to invite your customers to catch on promotional items and start building a relationship to increase your profits on each of them. Leverage target content using demographics like time, season, or location so you can deliver more significant messages that you will find persuasive on the point-of-sale.

Solution that is tailor-fit to your needs.
Scalable and dynamic displays fit your budget.

Whether you are planning for a single fast food establishment or for a couple more in different sites across the country, Pitch Digital Media can tailor a digital solution fit for your business. We can organize a new digital menu system complete from monitor to software or upgrade your current hardware and install an additional digital screen to match with your static menus. We create digital menus for any business at a reasonable price.

Customize a special message
Pitch Digital Media experts will assist you in driving sales through targeted content.

Digital signage offers the ability to modify how you interact with your customers, however, an accurate and precise message is crucial to growing revenue. Our more than 15 years of experience in delivering striking designs and credible content in digital space will help you in increasing ROI. We offer a definite marketing strategy in terms of content, creation, growth, organization and support.

A superior performance by design.
Manage messaging updates easily with our flexible web-based software.

We choose Scala, a global leading company in digital communication solution, as our partner. Their modern digital signage software allows full control of your digital screens such as managing content, updating promotional items and pricing across all locations in just one server.

Front-line hardware & first-class support.
Fast & reliable repairs with the best technology and service.

Pitch Digital Media partners with multiple technological companies to give you the best options in signage hardware. We use tailored specific processors in our media players to bring your content alive. Our company is environment friendly and uses LED energy efficient displays. Furthermore, we provide service on site if you have any issues with you player.

How is digital signage the right solution for you?
Digital menu boards are best for:

  • Gyms & Health Clubs
  • Retail Locations
  • Fast-Food Restaurants (QSR)
  • Movie Theatres
  • Event Areas & Stadiums
  • Convenient Stores and more!
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Pitch Digital Media is a family owned digital ad network. We place your business on digital advertising screens in high traffic gyms, medical offices and local businesses directly front of your customers!