Digital Signage

Advertise to your clients with point of purchase offers or events & promotions while they are in your location!

What is digital signage?
Digital signage engages, entertains and informs your audience about your company.

Digital signage can be used for an extensive variety of customer-facing and employee-facing applications like advertising, influencing customer behavioural patterns, improving employee and customer experience, brand building, security and entertainment alike. Our digital signage solutions can also serve as an interactive tool for employees and customers, building corporate communities, etc. Distribution of these signage units can also help to reach diverse locations such as retail outlets, corporate offices, transit hubs, campuses, food establishments, gyms and high traffic service based businesses.

Why digital signage?
Digital signage offers a powerful display of branding which can give your company immeasureable returns.

Research shows that investing in digital signage gives your audience a unique experience of not only noticing your ad display but also receiving the message you want to convey and them acting on it as a result. Our solution lets you choose, schedule and distribute your media content. You are able to monitor the status of your displays and its regular activity. You can perform administrative functions such as creating groups, distributing roles, and giving out permissions for full control of your network.

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About Pitch

Pitch Digital Media is a family owned digital ad network. We place your business on digital advertising screens in high traffic gyms, medical offices and local businesses directly front of your customers!