Digital Advertising Network

How It Works

Pitch Digital Media places large TV ad displays in high traffic areas to give our advertisers the highest possible visibility to potential customers. With guaranteed ad plays we give you a predictable CPM on digital signage that garners 10x more viewers than traditional advertising mediums.

A digital ad network that gets results!

Pitch Digital network is not like any other ad network that might pop into your mind when you hear the word “Digital Ad Network.” Our ad network consists of high definition ad screens placed in high traffic areas. We strategically choose these locations based on the high traffic counts and the captivity of the audience.

Engage With Your Customers & Be Seen!

Pitch Digital Media’s graphic design team features award winning designers and the knowledge of how to design your ad to get maximum results. We use our years of marketing knowledge to design the perfect ad for your company.

One Network for One Price.

Our screens always include exclusivity, so you never have to worry about competing for marketshare in our venues. Also if a secondary network is located in your area you have the ability to pick and choose the locations you want to be a part of. We never place your ads in locations you are not 100% in agreeance with.

To learn more about how we can help your company reach more of your target customers contact us today!

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About Pitch
Pitch Digital Media is a digital ad network. We place your business in retail locations directly front of your customers on high definition advertising screens.